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QuickBooks – Developer apps

All of the software applications found on Intuit Marketplace were created by members of the Intuit Developer Network—a group of trusted, independent developers and industry experts who have partnered with QuickBooks to create software applications that solve specific business needs for QuickBooks customers

QuickBooks Intuit Apps

Intuit App Center products are web based applications that require the use of the Intuit Sync Manager, which sync’s your QuickBooks Desktop database with the Intuit cloud servers. The app then accesses the data from this cloud server rather than directly from your local database

Be aware there are Apps for QuickBooks Online and apps for the desktop version of QuickBooks

Intuits Advanced Inventory Module for QuickBooks Enterprise 

​Solve your business’s complex inventory needs with the Advanced Inventory add-on for QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions . It works right in QuickBooks with the same user interface and no need for separate software or data integration.

Sage Business Works Add On's

Solutions on Sage Website:

Other Procuct Solutions -  contact us for more info

Inventory Part Batch Processor  

Easily edit your entire inventory list in Excel. Do price updates, change Product Lines, edit custom fields and add thousands of parts in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it "one at a time" through maintain parts. Skip the headaches of formatting files for import and export. 

Live Price

Save Order Entry time, especially in "spot" pricing environments. Price history for both purchases and sales shows up instantly - including historical data for non inventory parts. Drill into customer specific transaction history with a quick double click. Do adjustment and quantity math in place. Create a quote or sales order from that point with a single click.

Production Management
Create JC Jobs from Sales Orders. Track orders, jobs, inventory and billing from a single intuitive interface. Build subassemblies, post job transactions, view production schedules, determine actual part availability, print shipping manifests and monitor production all from a single application. Lots of options and flexibility with this application so contact us and see if it's right for you!

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